Minecraft: Education Edition available for students and teachers


Students and teachers from primary and secondary education can use Minecraft: Education Edition for free. They can sign in via their Office 365 account.

The Minecraft: Education Edition platform offers teachers a transformative way to engage students using Minecraft and ignite their passion for learning. Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive environment.

This game-based learning platform offers special features for teachers such as easy tutorials, classroom management tools, secure sign-in, classroom collaboration and tons of sample lessons, plus a global network of mentors and tech support.

Minecraft: Education Edition can be used to teach a range of subjects, from history and chemistry to sustainability and foreign languages, and can map lessons directly to specific learning outcomes and curriculum standards.

The game helps prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem solving.

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