Free access to e-books of Oxford Reading Club

Free access to e-books of Oxford Reading Club

This school year, SCRIPT is offering the Oxford Reading Club to all students enrolled in lower level of Secondary Education (6e/5e - ESC/ESG).

The Oxford Reading Club is a digital library from Oxford University Press that offers English language learners an interactive, fun, and engaging way to read graded reader e-books.

Users can choose from hundreds of high-quality and captivating titles covering all levels.

Learners are guided through their reading with an interactive, five-step reading process to improve all areas of learning, including reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

They enjoy a variety of interactive, engaging features and activities that motivate them to read and facilitate independent learning, including audio with adjustable speed, voice recording, a Dictionary, and study word cards.

Students can also see their reading progress with downloadable monthly reports and reading badges.

The Oxford Reading Club can be used online or offline.


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